No one knows the value of our Boys & Girls Club better than our members and alumni. With cherished memories, alumni become our most valued supporters.


Here are some key findings from a national survey Boys & Girls Clubs of America commissioned to assess Alumni experiences in Clubs and the impact participation had on their lives.


• 57% of alumni said the Club saved their life.
• 61% of alumni became more committed to their education because of Boys & Girls Clubs.
• 28% of alumni would have dropped out of high school if not for Boys & Girls Clubs.
• Nationally, 16% of all students do not go on to graduate from high school, while only 8% of Boys & Girls Club alumni did not finish.
• Nationally, 21% of African American males do not go on to graduate from high school, while only 2% of Boys & Girls Club African American males did not finish.
• Overall, 26% of Boys & Girls Clubs alumni earned a 4-year college degree. This rate is equal to the national benchmark, a remarkable achievement since many Club members come from disadvantaged circumstances.
• 34% of African American Boys & Girls Club male alumni earned a 4-year college degree, compared to the national rate of 16%.


Alumni surveyed reported that Boys & Girls Clubs continue to have both an immediate and long-lasting impact on their lives…


Are you a Boys & Girls Club of Chicopee Alumnus?  If so, we want to know about it!  Share your story with us, the community, and our current kids!


We are looking for former Club members, Staff members, and Board members from all generations!  If the Club impacted your life, we want to hear about it!


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“At the Club the staff always treated me like a friend from the times when I needed help tying my shoes to the time when I didn’t understand why I suddenly needed to grow up. I don’t have much time left here before I go on to college and embark into my adulthood, but before my time is up, I hope the same way I’ve been touched by the Club today and yesterday, I touch one if not several children and especially let them know that believing and dreaming is what life is all about.”
Adam Pichirilo, Club Alum, Club Employee. Adam owns his own marketing company, PicihiMarketing and lives in New York City.